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Hello, hello and welcome to another one of my Soap Tutorials to make Paper Confetti Soap! Those of you who know me understand my obsession with stationery and all sorts of paper ephemera... so I did a little bit of research into soluble paper to use with the Suspending Melt and Pour Soap Base, kindly provided by Stephenson Personal Care (thanks, folks!). 

Let the tutorial begin!

I used Aquatics Cold Water Soluble Paper, which I purchased online from Barnyarns - you should be able to purchase water soluble paper from art and craft stores. This paper is generally used by quilters and creative embroiderers. It dissolves rapidly in contact with cold water and is environmentally friendly - its texture is like watercolour paper but much thinner.

Fill in the cut pieces with the colour of your choice - bright, bold colours are the best! Sharpie pens are the ideal candidate to colour in with... Copic pens work too. Please avoid using water based pens (obviously!). Oh, and make sure you put some sort of cover on your table when colouring in as the ink will seep through - you wouldn't want to be making marks your lovely furniture!

Now cut those coloured in pieces into little shapes - triangles are the easiest and quickest to do, but you can also hole punch dots or use a shaped punch... just go wild!

Cutting the soap base into cubes allows them to melt quicker. Place the soap base cubes in a microwavable bowl and put it in the microwave on low power for 2-3 minutes. Keep the microwave attended when in use and check often to see if all the soap base has melted. Please handle with care as the melted soap base will be super HOT when melted!

This is optional if you would like to add fragrance, but a splash of Fuzzy Peach adds a sweet touch.

Gently stir in the colourful confetti until it's dispersed as evenly as possible.

I went for the traditional rectangle soap mould, but experiment and have fun with silicone moulds as they come in a variety of unusual shapes! Leave to set for 2-3 hours... the waiting time will be reduced if left to set in the fridge (1-2 hours).

Let's Party!

As you use the soap the soluble paper will dissolve when it comes in contact with water. It won't clog up your sink as it dissolves completely when soaked and rubbed in your hands. It's a fun-looking soap that people, young and old, would enjoy to use... just make sure you make a large batch of them!

~Bevolee x

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