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Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

Stamps are a practical way of leaving your mark in the world of stationery, but they also offer the chance to leave a charming and personal touch too! So it's a grand idea to create your own custom stamp featuring your ideal design... That option is perfect for personalised embellishments for wedding stationery to stamps featuring your logo and/or contact details for your (crafty) business. 

I've never made a stamp featuring my own design before, so I'm grateful to be offered this opportunity to share my first hand experience using Speedy Stamps Custom Stamps with you!

The custom stamp I'm reviewing is the RS14 75 x 38mm with a Violet MICRO2 Plastic Ink-Pad, both available from Speedy Stamps

Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

To create your stamp, the website offers a user-friendly stamp designing software where you can edit text and upload images (jpeg, png, giff and bitmap files only). If you are using different file types (e.g. PDF) you can email those directly to them.

Speedy Stamps stay true to their name as I received my custom stamp without delay! My first impression of my custom design stamp is that it looks sturdy and practical. The stamp is not as attractive as the vintage wooden style ones you may have seen, but the plastic handle is ergonomic and easy to grip which equals less mistakes!

Personally I found it easy to ink the stamp without getting a speck of ink on my hands (and I'm quite the messy worker!). It was also beneficial to see my design on the top of the stamp to help indicate where I can place my print without hesitation.

Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

I quite liked the ink pad that was supplied for my review ~ it wasn't too spongy or overly drench in ink, but provided enough to create clear prints. The ink is stored in a nice slim case for easy storage and protection from drying out.

The stamp design itself has been cut to perfection by a laser cutter with the design cropped to prevent any ghosting effects. I'm very happy the way my logo and job description has printed clearly, however my contact details have turned out to be a bit unreliable when printed. This is due to my text being a bit on the small side... You can make out the letters and some of the numbers, but the '@' symbol looks like a small violet blob!

Therefore, I would recommend using a larger font in your design, nothing too small or too fine. My contact details are barely legible if the stamp is too inky or the paper is too textured, which created a fuzzy effect around the edges (see kraft textured envelope above). Smooth paper works best, so it's best not to print on paper that is overly textured or porous.

Custom Stamps by Speedy Stamps ~ Review by Bevolee

Looks like I'm having a slight stamping obsession! I've been trying my stamp with my other ink pads, but the violet pad from Speedy Stamps seems to produce the clearest print.

The custom stamps are of good quality, especially with the company's super fast turnaround of ordering before noon and being dispatched the same working day. This is an ideal service for those last minute decisions on your wedding or business stationery!

Price of custom made stamps start from £11.20 (smallest stamp size: 15 x 15mm). The 75 x 38mm stamp that's featured in this blog post costs £27.89, including free delivery. Ink pads cost £3.96.*

Speedy Stamps offer a large variety of stamp products catering for large and small businesses and events. They also produce lovely vintage-looking desktop embossing seals! I've previously used one of these beauties as part of an exhibition, but I'm seriously considering to add one to my business stationery!

~Bevolee x

*Ink pads are sold separately and must be purchased with a custom stamp order. Free 1st class delivery qualifies for orders over £13.50. Prices are correct at the time of this blog post.

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