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The Great Yorkshire Show, 2014 - Ferris Wheel

The Great Yorkshire Show was held on Tuesday 8th to Thursday the 10th of July this year. This was my second visit to this grand annual event and the day was just super (I went on the sunny Wednesday). I don't want to make this a wordy blog post, so I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took on the day! I'll put the rest of the photographs on my Flickr account (which I need to update), feel free to take a look.

The Great Yorkshire Show, 2014 - Buildings and Show Ground

The showground is enormous! As well as being an agricultural show, it also offers an abundance of food and trade stalls featuring businesses across Yorkshire. One of my favourite spots is the Food Hall as I just love sampling the delicious foods and eyeing up the big cheeses!

The Great Yorkshire Show, 2014 - Sheep Show

The Sheep Show features nearly every sheep under the sun, each one with their own unique attributes from big horns to curly dreadlocks. The bottom left is the good ol' Swaledale sheep, the stock my partner's family rears.

The Great Yorkshire Show, 2014 - Cattle Show

How now, brown cow? Cattle being pampered and presented to be judged. 

The Great Yorkshire Show, 2014 - Horse Show Competition and Pigeon Show

The horse shoeing competition was very interesting and draws quite a crowd! Teams had to shoe horses against the clock and it looked tough. A couple of little lasses got a used horseshoe off the steward who was picking up the remains from the contest - hope it brings them lots of luck!

The annual event also features farming equipment, crafts and vintage stalls, and also a fashion show!

The next Great Yorkshire Show will be held on 14th-16th July, 2015.
Will you be going?

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