Thursday, 8 May 2014 @ 12:25
Letterpress Printed Business Cards by Bevolee

I've always fancied creating a design to be printed via letterpress, to make something deluxe and tactile... So my first ever excuse to plunge into letterpress printing was to update my business card (which was crying out for a much needed facelift!).

My introduction to letterpress printing was not as daunting as I expected. The lovely lady from Mil Letterpress guided me through the process and ensured I had everything correct before going to print, e.g. the correct Pantone colour and what required a blind impression. Once everything was confirmed, I sent off my final PDF design and it was off to print! 

A couple of weeks later I received my business cards, all packaged in pretty little boxes. It's a surreal feeling holding the final product, as I'm so accustomed to having my work printed on flat, smooth paper. I can feel each dot that was created by a blind impression, as well as the heavy weight and the thickness of the card that oozes quality. What I enjoy most about my business cards is the striking 'mint' colour and the same tint being used to paint the edges of the card (known as 'edge painting').

I'm extremely satisfied with my first experience with letterpress printing, and I hope to create more designs using this method in the future (ooh, maybe dabble in some wedding stationery!). Although, I would like to note that letterpress printing doesn't come cheap... Oh heck, it's worth it!

Some ingredients of my business card: 600gsm Crane Lettra fluorescent white, blind impression, edge painting.


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