Wednesday, 30 April 2014 @ 14:59
Ravensworth Garden Centre and Castle Ruins

I can spend an entire day wandering around garden centres, especially this one which is perched on the edge of a small village called Ravensworth. The garden centre is split into two sections: one suited for cooler weather plants, and the other for plants more suited to warmer weather (including house plants and succulents - my favourite!). What I found most curious was discovering a door leading to what looked like an abandoned and vastly overgrown garden with a lake. Sadly, it was inaccessible due to the door being firmly wedged shut... but its eerie appearance made me yearn to explore that area!

When I travel around the outskirts of Richmond, I often see castle-like buildings or ruins dotted about. Ravensworth Castle (above photo) is quite eye-catching and I was told a story that the cause of its ruin was due to the castle being quarried for building materials. Looking at the remains I can imagine it once being an imposing fortress, which would have seen and fought off its fair share of raids!


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